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Safe and secure delivery service

We offer a motorcycle pick-up and delivery service around the Perth metropolitan area or country towns within 850km radius of the CBD. We use a fully enclosed tansport vehicle which protects your motorcycle from the elements and road debris damage.

Moto Transport Taxi

Not Just Motorcycles

And we don't just move motorcycles. 

We also pick up and deliver
mobility vehicles and ATV's
 If it fits within 1.2m wide x 1.6m high x 2.6m long, we can move it.

Monitoring En Route

Your motorcycle is monitored by the driver using a camera in the back of the van, to ensure it remains safely secured throughout the trip.

Safe Loading & Unloading

Our dolly and winch set up allows safe, controlled loading and unloading using the van's ramp. Your bike doesn't need to be started or running for us to load it.
We use top of the range restraint tie downs and soft loops to protect your motorcycle from any damage.

Our Passion

We have been passionate about motorcycles for 30+ years and have had our fair share of being stranded due to breakdown or flat tyres, and having to call a mate or family member to hook up the trailer and come save the day. These days with bikes being more reliable we see fewer breakdown scenarios, luckily, but people still need their motorcycles moved. 

Whether its a breakdown, routine service or a new bike purchase, we can get your machine where it needs to be.


Service Area

Within a 25km radius of Perth CBD: $120
Within a 40km radius of Perth CBD: $140

Further distances (850km from Perth CBD maximum): P.O.A.

Enquiries & Bookings

To enquire about transporting your motorcycle or other vehicle you can call Brendon on 0400 005 908

or email him at

or submit the form if you prefer